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Training Plans for an Adventure Racing

“Training” is really too narrow of a term for the work that goes into getting ready for an adventure race – “preparation” is more accurate.  AR prep includes basic physical training, skills training and race preparation (including obtaining and organizing your gear).Adventure Racing Training Plans

The adventure race training plans below are a reasonable starting point in preparing for an adventure race. 

Remember, always consult your doctor before starting any physical activity or program

Download this file (Endurance Advanced 16 weeks.doc)Endurance Advanced 16 weeks.doc[Training Plan - Endurance Advanced]
Download this file (Endurance Beginner 16 weeks.doc)Endurance Beginner 16 weeks.doc[Training Plan - Endurance Beginner]
Download this file (Endurance Intermediate 16 weeks.doc)Endurance Intermediate 16 weeks.doc[Training Plan - Endurance Intermediate]
Download this file (Sprint Advanced 12 weeks.doc)Sprint Advanced 12 weeks.doc[Training Plan - Sprint Advanced]
Download this file (Sprint Beginner 12 weeks.doc)Sprint Beginner 12 weeks.doc[Training Plan - Sprint Beginner]
Download this file (Sprint Intermediate 12 weeks.doc)Sprint Intermediate 12 weeks.doc[Training Plan - Sprint Intermediate]

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